For all staff

What’s the schedule?

Each week begins on Sunday evening and ends at about 11 AM Friday morning.  There is a staff meeting each morning in the dining hall, before the campers arise for the day. The schedule varies depending on the age of the campers.

What is the facility like? 

There is no electricity.  Given the 24 hours of daylight we have in June/July, this is not a problem.  However, there are pit toilets (outhouses) and water is hauled in so there is a certain flavor of a wilderness camp. 

There is a complete kitchen, staffed by locals and out-of-town volunteers, a large dining hall, a craft building, and a hall which doubles as a chapel/recreation area.   We have a rope course, climbing wall and archery area.       

Support Staff

Support staff are needed to keep camp running smoothly, and support our counsellors, who have a crucial role to play in the campers’ experience at Kamp Klondike. In all things, we want to honour God and love the children.

Lodging is variable, depending on the size of that week of camp, and what cabins might be full. Please be ready to be flexible, but we will support you in finding a place to stay.

Camp Counsellor

Our most significant need at Kamp Klondike is for counselors.  When camp is operating at capacity, we need four counselors for boys and four counselors for girls.  These need to be emotionally and spiritually mature individuals—Kamp Klondike is a challenging camp!  Our policy has been to accept only those out of high school as senior counselors.  We would be able to use junior counselors who are from 15-18 years of age, and who demonstrate maturity of character.

Counselors would need to arrive on the Wednesday before camp begins in order to go through orientation. 

Cabins have eight bunks, six for children.  Mattresses are provided but counselor will bring sleeping bags, pillows and personal items.

What responsibilities does a counselor have?

*    Each counselor will have up to six children in his/her cabin.  We attempt  to provide junior counselors in each cabin, but that isn’t always possible.

*    The main teaching is done by teaching staff, but each counselor is responsible for a half-hour teaching session in his/her cabin each day.  Also, the counselor will do morning and evening devotions with the cabin group.  

*     Each counselor will help with the recreation program.  There are four skill areas in the morning:  archery, stilts, rope course, and scooter hockey or similar games.  In the afternoon there is canoeing and organized games as well as crafts.  There is usually local staff to take the lead on these, but counselors need to take part in instruction as well.         

*    Counselors will be expected to keep control of their cabin groups during lesson time, chapel, campfire, as well as during meal times.  They will need to get their cabin group into place on time and monitor their groups’ behavior.               

*    Counselors will need to use every opportunity throughout the day to reach children for Christ by word, example, and attitude.