Connecting with missions…

Mexico - Jack and Lucy


Twice a week Lucy helps out at a Children’s Home

There are 27 kids at this Casa Hogar.


Washing our car

Once a week the kids from the home wash our car. It gives them a little spending money and it gives us a clean car for a week. It is a win, win


Who has the best beard?

This young lady is getting ready for a Christmas play.


Christmas Eve Service

Christmas Eve is the most important day of Christmas. We had a really great attendance for the candlelight service this year. After the service people go home to eat anywhere between 10-midnight and gifts can only be opened after everyone gets a hug at midnight


2nd day

Flew to Vancouver; Today’s miracle

We discovered during our flight to Vancouver that our yellow fever vaccine documents were missing. Friends at Whitehorse Health Centre redid our documents and got them on the next plane to Vancouver. Definitely saw God’s hand in this.


1st day

A very cold drive to Whitehorse

And so beautiful